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All-in-one protection

AI-Powered Money Monitoring

Award-winning protection that keeps every savings, investment, and credit card account safe from fraud and scams.

24/7 Identity Scanning

Be the first to know—and act—if your passport, driver’s license, password, or other info more has been stolen. 

Advanced Credit Monitoring

Get alerts within minutes of a new credit inquiry. Stay ahead of scammers who use your identity to apply for credit cards or loans.

Home Title Monitoring

Quarterly scans to defend against title fraud, with added protection from address change fraud

Secure Password & Document Storage

Encrypted storage vault for critical documents and login info

US-Based Support

No bots, no misunderstandings. Our customer support is all human and all based here in the United States.

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Award-winning protection and service

Full protections for two

Get Carefull for yourself, and give the same protections to a loved one at no additional cost.

Invite a loved one

Everyone gets their own, private account, and you choose what you want to share.

Set up for a loved one

If a loved one can’t set up their own account, you can set up protections on their behalf

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Limited time Nationwide Perk

$120 off every year

Nationwide Perk

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Financial monitoring


$1M Identity theft insurance


Identity monitoring


Credit monitoring


Home title monitoring


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Carefull is a financial protection service that defends you and your family's money, credit, and identity from thieves, scammers, and simple money mistakes. All backed by $1 million of identity theft insurance in case bad things do happen.

A Carefull agent is available to assist you in set up. Email or call (833) 836-0050 for sign-up help.

Carefull uses proprietary artificial intelligence to analyze you and your loved one's financial accounts — understanding what "normal" looks like, so our systems can alert you to unusual behavior. Carefull's financial monitoring differs from other platforms because we help you spot new types of fraud, such as cryptocurrency scams, out-of-character checks, accidentally recurring donations, and gift card scams.Carefull also includes world-class identity, credit, home title, document, and password protections all for free, so your entire financial life online is protected, not simply your transactions.

Carefull is secure by default and private by design. We build every one of our services with strict data practices that ensure the safety of your data. Carefull is the first financial caregiving service to receive its SOC 2 certification. A SOC 2 Report is designed to provide assurances about the effectiveness of security controls at an organization as it relates to security, service availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. We’re also committed to never selling your personal data.

Setting up for a loved one such as a spouse, parent, or child is easy: just sign up using the buttons on this page and you'll be guided to securely set up on their behalf or send them an invitation to activate.

Carefull has partnered with banks, wealth managers, and institutions like Nationwide and MassMutual. The service has also been awarded RealSimple's Smart Money Award in 2023, an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and a Banking Tech Award from Fintech Futures

Information about third party products is provided by their provider. Nationwide is not responsible for the contents of this information, or for the products themselves. Members who establish a relationship with these third parties should take any questions or concerns to the provider. No Nationwide purchase or quote is required. Carefull and Nationwide are separate and non-affiliated companies and the protection services described on this site are provided by Carefull. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. ©2023. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

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